TT Racing for Android: Help

TT Racing - Help


  • Finish the lap on the fastest time possible and beat the online ghost!


  • Touch Mode: Touch one of the sides of the screen to turn the car either left or right.
  • Tilt Mode: Hold your device horizontally and tilt/lean your device to control the car.
  • Steer Mode: Hold your device vertically and rotate your device to steer the car (like a driving wheel).


  • Purple: Speed=14 / Off-Road=12 / Acceleration=8 / Steering=10
  • Yellow: Speed=16 / Off-Road=12 / Acceleration=14 / Steering=12
  • Blue: Speed=18 / Off-Road=10 / Acceleration=16 / Steering=14
  • Red: Speed=20 / Off-Road=8 / Acceleration=14 / Steering=16


  • Best: the best ghost available on your phone (either downloaded or done locally)
  • Online: these ghosts are the best online laps, if you beat it, you will be the next online ghost
  • Local: these ghosts are the best laps done by the player


  • Stay on track to reach the highest speed.
  • Do not use shortcuts or your lap will be invalidated.
  • Do not cross yellow/black stripes or your lap will be invalidated.


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